James Lee


Java Developer

My Projects

Real-time Satellite Tracker 3D - International Space Station

A real-time satellite tracker in 3D. Especially made to enjoy the view from the International Space Station in real-time.

Everything that is visualized like earth, sun and moon is in original scale and at the exact position at this time!

The design is inspired by SpaceX

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Desktop Modules

Windows module overlay program to display the current Spotify track, lyrics or TeamSpeak channel. Is is also possible to create own modules with an api.

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YouTube Party (Discontinued)

This chrome extension can sync youtube videos directly on the youtube page.

This project was shut down due to very high user traffic and low motivation/time for maintenance.

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AnimeDeck (Discontinued)

A program which allows you to manage your anime watchlist without a browser

This project was stopped because the API for the series is no longer available.

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